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Tesla test drive

il y a 3 ans

Recently, we had the occasion to drive a Tesla, it was my first experience in an electric car.
I don't know anything about cars. In fact I don't even have a driving license (Adrien was driving). 
So you should not expect to read a detailed technical review, but my humble non-driver point of view. ^^

No storage for rear passengers, poor children...

I guess some parents will like it, there're no storage spaces for rear passengers.
Your kids won't be able to hide things like chewing gums, rotten fruits, small toys...

No storage for rear passengers

The dashboard is basically a big screen. The system gets updated automatically just like your smartphone.

We gonna need a bigger dashboard.

Internet data plan included, the car can act as a hotspot for passengers. :)

The Tesla is always connected.

Favorite thing: the key.
It looks like a tiny little spaceship. You don't even have to touch it actually. Just seat behind the wheel, and it starts, as long as you have it in your pocket.

The cutest car key ever made.
The Tesla key is a little Tesla.

The 2 motors (the new model has 2), has you can see, it doesn't take much room.

Tesla dual powerful motors.

It allows for an additional trunk in the front. A small one, but still useful.

Tesla front trunk, or frunk.
Tesla big trunk.

One negative comment on the look. It has nothing special, just a classic sedan. It would have been much better to adopt a retro design! :)

Tesla test drive

How it feels:

If cars were smartphones, mine would be Android, Tesla would be iPhone
Behind the Tesla wheel.

Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors, is that Tony Stark kind of guy. 
You should read that page about him on Wikipedia.

Elon Musk is Tony Stark

I just discovered he was working on a project (among others) about building a 80,000-person Mars colony.
I hope that I'll live to see that day.
What do you think?

Is this a spaceship? No it's a Tesla.

The different options you have to make it your own "unique" model. 
Too bad there's no apple green with pink dots. (would have been my choice)

Too bad, no fun colors for Tesla cars.

Finally, the chassis.
With a note, saying that you should buy this car right away to claim your 2014 tax credit...
Tax credit or not, it's way too expensive for me, but may be interesting for some people.
Did you sell your company this year? Raise your hand!  ^^

Tesla chassis, with a cat. (not included)

Let's summarize!

- Cute key
- 100% electric, saves the planet
- I didn't know electric cars could be so powerful, crazy accelerations
- It's really quiet from the inside, no vibrations
- Best safety rating of any car ever tested (
- No way for rear passengers to hide stuff
- Internet hotspot
- Comfort/standard/sport steering setting

- Looks like other cars, classic design
- Poor selection of colors

And voilà! 
One day maybe... ^^

40 seconds video:

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