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il y a 3 ans

We were discussing this week about the future of Pixowl, the company I co-founded.

Among other things, Adrien and I came with that idea. We did a few sketches, let me share them with you, so that you can tell us what you think! :)

We are both crazy about Minecraft, we play that game a lot. (by the way, if you wanna play with us, I do have a server -> here)

Even if we love to play Minecraft on PC, we are not really convinced by the mobile version. I guess we're not the only ones. The navigation, the controls, it feels like it's not adapted to the platform. So we would like to work on a similar game, but simplified, designed for mobile. Isometric 3D (or 2.5D), no monsters, construction and mining mainly. Sharing the space with friends of course. 

At Pixowl, we already worked on a creation game called The Sandbox (designed by Oni). We could reuse the IP, and the main character.

Tell us what you think! :)

Would you like to play?
Do you like the graphics?
Do you feel like it could be an issue being too much inspirited by Minecraft?


7 Commentaires

il y a 3 ans


There's already lot's of minecraft clones.
But the graphics would help a lot having an own identity, and the drawings you show here represent an appealing identity.

il y a 3 ans


Thank you!!

il y a 3 ans


It's a good idea! The mobile version of minecraft is terrible ( for example it's really hard to fly in creative mode )for sure it will be amazing if the creator of "The Sandbox" create a minecraft version.

il y a 3 ans


Nice. I would love to see your game be as indepth as minecraft. Due to the 100% better graphics.

il y a 3 ans

Mad Jack

Dahu is right : the drawing gives a true identity, but the second interedting point, when I'm looking to the other Minecraft clones, is the view. It could offers a new sandbox experience.

il y a 3 ans


the game seems like a good idea, but i feel besides the graphics you should also have other featurea unique to the game.

il y a 3 ans


Very nice! 100% would play!

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