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This is amazing, after months of hard work, our game GARFIELD - Survival of the Fattest is finally being released! :) 
I did this drawing for the occasion, with the owl (Pixowl's logo if you didn't know about it already).

Garfield Pixowl

Kudos to the whole team for the achievement!

- Arthur Madrid, who initiated the project and allowed me to meet Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) and David Reddick in Indianapolis.
- Jet Martin, our brave project manager
- Mathieu Laudic, for his admirable implication as game designer
- Julian Lopez Galan, the first person who ever worked on animations based on my drawings, so enchanting!
- Sylvain Sarrailh (Tohad), who worked on the menues
- Adrien Duermael, Gaëtan De Villèle and Federico Pereiro, they've been working on the server application these past 3 months, and they are a little concerned right now about the amount of incoming player requests. :D
- Sébastien Borget and the REST OF THE TEAM, I unfortunately don't know them much personaly, because they live in Argentina, and I never had the occasion to meet them. But I know they were all super commited to that project!

We started to work on that game one year and a half ago! Thanks everyone! :)

Here's the link to download Garfield - Survival of the Fattest (free for your iOS devices)
Please, don't hesitate to let us comments on the AppStore!

Thanks!!! <3

The cat.

one year ago
David Reddick ("Intelligent life")
Video games before and now.
"Draw me like one of your french girls"... with a cat! (Titanic)

Best friends.

one year ago
Best friends girls

The kitten.

one year ago
A girl with a kitten in a school.


one year ago
Mermaid, alone, in the deep of the blue ocean.


one year ago
Rotten dot com skeleton
Pattern Moby Dock (Docker whale).